Spring 2022

We were lucky enough to have a preview of spring on the last Sunday of August.

We were lucky enough to have a preview of spring on the last Sunday of August.  A Chenin Blanc-style morning, (crisp, fresh, bracing) gave way to that lovely moment when it’s too cool in the shade, but the mid-morning sun is gaining in confidence, and it’s worth sitting and tilting your face toward it, sunflower-style. The preview was a timely reminder that the spring show is a good one, not to be missed.

At MMAD Vineyard, spring and the new life it brings is in full voice. We have planted cover crops between the vine rows, including peas, fava beans, and oats, that will improve the soil quality over time and also bring diversity of plant and insect life to the land.

MMAD Vineyard viticulturist Ben Jonas in the mid-row of the 1939 Grenache block.

The mulch that we applied in late May has settled well with the help of the winter rainfall. The mulch will help with water retention over summer, and also keep the weeds under control.

Chenin Blanc vines with mulch applied

In the winery it’s a quiet time. The wines from our second vintage, 2022, are resting, Chenin Blanc and Shiraz both in large old oak, and Grenache in concrete. It’s the time for keeping a watchful eye on the wines, but not for meddling.

Meanwhile, our first vintage, 2021, is now released and available. We’ve been overwhelmed by the reception to these wines, from consumers, trade, and press. It’s really exciting when people can see and appreciate the link between what’s in the glass and the place.  The personality of Blewitt Springs is strong in these wines.