Blewitt Springs is home to some remarkable vineyards, with a unique combination of sandy soils, coastal breezes, and grand old vines. In the case of Grenache in particular, there is a special synergy between the place and the variety, which becomes even more pronounced when the third element, vine age, is added.  

The sandy soils of Blewitt Springs have long been known to give the wines beautiful perfume. In some sites, there is also ironstone, which gives the wine structure to match the beauty. The altitude of 150 – 220 metres means the sea breezes from Gulf St Vincent cool the vines, and keep the acids fresh.  

The combination of these elements has seen Blewitt Springs become home to some of our most revered ‘rare earth,’ perfectly suited to making wines that have an ethereal perfume, intensity but lightness, and the ability to age gracefully.

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