The fine Maslin sands in Blewitt Springs, along with the raised elevation that exposes the vines to fresh south-westerlies from the Gulf St Vincent, give an aromatic character that is as distinctive as it is enticing.

Below the sand, and the element that drew the MMAD partners to this vineyard above all else is a layer of ironstone that adds both structure and complexity to the wine. This is rare earth, and the old vines are a precious resource and part of our viticultural history that we are grateful to have the chance to work with.

MMAD Vineyard has Grenache that was all planted in 1939, as well as Shiraz and Chenin Blanc, the oldest of which were planted in 1941 and 1964 respectively. 

Our philosophy in the vineyard is to continuously improve soil and vine health, and to promote diversity of plants, insects, and the microbiome. The vineyard pre-dates us and will outlive us, and we have a great opportunity to help it thrive during our time farming it.  

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